Nowadays, due to the high population growth in the world and the consequent increase in human need for food, Management of the agricultural industry and its inputs has become a necessary task. Therefore, in all advanced countries of the world, the new technology of agricultural industry and scientific nutrition of crops is of great importance and there's no longer news of traditional cultures.

The latest sources of supply of all agricultural products include macro and micro - fertilizers. That, with the lowest cost and without damage to the environment, has the highest efficiency on quality and quantity of products.

In our dear country of Iran, unfortunately, there is still a high percentage of the agricultural industry in the traditional form. This is associated with great damage to the environment as well as low - quality products. But fortunately, in recent years, the private sectors operating in this area have been widely practiced.

And with the technology of the world's technology, they have contributed to improving nutrition conditions and reducing collateral damage in the industry.

The International Pardis Rahavaran company is honored that after several years of field research, it has entered this important arena since 2011.And with cooperation and collaboration with accredited European companies, it has been able to take advantage of the science of the world and experts from the first level of Europe in the field of agriculture. Those to be able to take a big step in aid our farmers to grow crops, gardens and greenhouse product.

The International Pardis Rahavaran company has imported from the valid brands of the Greece and Germany's micro and macro products suited to water, air and soil. It has a unique efficiency in reducing costs, a low and qualitative increase in products as well as damage to the environment.

In honor, Natural Green and Trigkas brands are the imported products of the company, which hopes to witness a boom in the country's agricultural industry by increasing the prevalence of these first - class European products.